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The aim of the MICROMET research project is to understand the interactions between the structure and activity of microbial communities and metal contamination in marine sediments. To this end, we will study the whole microbial community (archaebacteria, eubacteria and microeukaryotes) of sediments in the BCP area using an interdisciplinary approach in which state-of-the-art geochemical and (molecular) microbiological methods are closely integrated. The proposed research will be divided in three Work Packages (WP 1-3). The aim of WP 1 will be to determine the impact of metallic contaminants on the microbial diversity in sediments. This aim is directly related to the "Biodiversity" research domain of the SSD programme. The aim of WP 2 will be to assess the importance of microorganisms in the leaching of metal contaminants from the sediments into the water column. This aim is directly connected with the "Marine Ecosystems of the North Sea" research domain of the SSD programme. The aim of WP 3 will be to run numerical models with the data collected during the project. This will allow predictions and lead to a better understanding of the North Sea benthic ecosystem.