Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
Campaign :Abundance of dinoflagellate cyst in marine cores
Interlaboratory comparison of calculation of absolute abundances of dinoflagellate cysts. During the last GEUS workshop, held in Copenhagen from 10-13 November, there was a discussion regarding the different methodologies for calculating absolute concentrations of dinoflagellate cysts (using different sieve widths, cold/warm HF, ultrasonication, decanting,...). To improve the credibility of these calculations, we proposed to make an interlaboratory comparison of the calculation of dinoflagellate cyst abundances. Goal is to evaluate all methods, in terms of relative abundances, absolute abundances and diversities. We want to perform a similar calibration like done for alkenones (Rosell-Melé et al. 2001, G3), coccoliths (Herrle & Bollman, 2003, Marine Micropal), Mg/Ca from forams (Barker et al., 2005, QSR), etc... Samples from three Late Quaternary sites with different lithologies will be used. The taxonomy of Quaternary cysts is relatively straightforward, and the diversities are quite low. Data integration and interpretation will mainly be done at the University of Ghent. Each contributor will be co-author for this project, and the results will be submitted to Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, and will be presented at the DINO8 meeting in Montréal.