Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
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RV Simon Stevin
Zeekat, RIB

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For researchers with a minimum of 5yrs of experience: indications that the research results acquired during earlier campaigns onboard RV Simon Stevin, Zeekat or RV Zeeleeuw are qualitatively validated (ie. reference in publications, on posters, in presentations, media,...)*
Innovative character (scientific and methodological, ie. Deployment of new instruments)*
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Required equipment
Go-Flow fles 10 L
3m beamtrawl
3m ottertrawl
Pelagic trawl
Gilson dredge
Hyperbenthic sledge
Trawl planktonnet
WP2 planktonnet
Reineck boxcorer
Hamon grab
Sediment Profile Imaging (SPI)
Sieving table
Wilson Autosiever
LISST 100X transmissometer
Multibeam EM2040
ADCP 600kHz
Innomar SES Quattro
Nutrient Analyser
Flow Cytometer
ROV Genesis
GAPS (subsurface positioning)
RIB Zeekat
Video PlanktonRecorder