Young Marine Scientists' Day 2012 | VLIZ Marine Science Day

Young Marine Scientists' Day 2012

With 338 registered participants this twelfth edition of the VLIZ Young Marine Scientists' Day - held on Friday 24 February in KHBO, Bruges - was again a success. The floor was given to near a hundred young researchers to show their scientific results, covering the full range of marine disciplines. The public voted the best speaker and poster. The prizes of the VLIZ Thesis Awards and the North Sea Award were handed over to the winners by the new governor of West-Flanders, Carl Decaluwé. All winners, abstracts, posters, photo and video of this 2012 edition can be found here.

Book of abstracts & lists presentations
The abstracts of all participants and award winners can be found in the Book of Abstracts (VLIZ Special Publications 55). It gives you a nice overview of the current marine research in Flanders and surroundings.

Twenty contestants were invited to prepare a short pitch presentation (max. 5 minutes) for the plenary session. The others could present their work during the poster session. The audience could vote the best oral and the best scientific poster.


Top-3 pitch presentations:

1: Michiel Vandegehuchte - Plastic waste in the Belgian coastal waters: where and how much? [pitch presentation:PDF Icon] [Clip]

2: Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe - Selective uptake of microplastics by a marine bivalve (Mytilus edulis) [pitch presentation:PDF I


3: Ronny Merken - Wetland suitability and connectivity for migratory birds along the Ionian Flyway in Greece [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]


Top-3 scientific posters:

1: Smolders Sven, Stefaan Ides, Yves Plancke, Patrick Meire and Stijn Temmerman - Morphological management as a tool to optimize the three main functions of the Scheldt Estuary: safety, accessibility and ecology [PDF Icon] [Clip]

2: Vanden Eede Sarah and Magda Vincx - Can we protect our coastline and the beach ecosystem at the same time? [PDF Icon] [Clip]


3: Desender Marieke, Hans Polet, Koen Chiers, Maarten Soetaert and Annemie Decostere - Evaluation of the impact of electro shrimp trawl fishery [PDF Icon] [Clip]

Other poster presentations delivered to VLIZ, are made available in the Open Marine Archive (OMA).



Keynote speakers:

Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (Ghent University, Digital Library) - Boosting your visibility in Open Access [pitch presentation via PDF Icon]

Jean Berlamont (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Hydraulics Laboratory) - Why do we love the sea? Because it makes us think of things we like to think [pitch presentatioon via PDF Icon] [Clip]

Michael N. Moore (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) - Oceans and Human Health [only abstract available] [Clip]


North Sea Award 2011:

dr. Eric Struyf: 'Historical land use change has lowered terrestrial silica mobilization' - [research article in Nature Communications (2010)] [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]


VLIZ Thesis Award for Marine Sciences 2011:

Elisabeth Debusschere: 'Effect of ocean acidification on the early life stages of the Baltic tellin Macoma balthica' - [M.Sc. scriptie UGent - EMBC] [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]

Lorenz Meire: 'Impact of global change on coastal hypoxia' - [M.Sc. scriptie UGent - MARELAC] [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]


All winners of the Young Marine Scientists' Day on a row.


Pictures, video-clips and a short reportation are available in the VLIZ-photogallery.