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Programme #VMSD21

Wednesday 3 March 2021

09:00-09:10      Welcome address
                           Jan Mees, General director of VLIZ 

09:10-09:30      2021: A Science Odyssey - A 15-year journey across oceans and seas, and the return home
                           Griet Neukermans, Ghent University & VLIZ

09:30-10:00      Predoc presentations

  • Green beaches for a green future?
    Luna Geerts, Antwerp University
  • Assessing feasibility and best practices of zooplankton observations with the Video Plankton Recorder in coastal turbid waters
    Anouk Ollevier, Flanders Marine Institute
  • Disentangling the effects of climate change on the offshore wind farm hard substrate fouling community
    Helena Voet, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Different plastic-degrading assemblages result from marine enrichments using several novel plastics
    Valérie Mattelin, Ghent University
  • In times of crisis: Effect of the Belgian coast on well-being during the COVID‑19 pandemic
    Marine Severin, Flanders Marine Institute

10:00-10:05      Intermezzo

10:05-10:40      Break-out to poster pages and Meet the Company

10:40-11:10      Predoc presentations

  • The importance of the spatial configuration of marram grass (Ammophila  arenaria) on dune functioning and biodiversity
    Ruben Van De Walle, Ghent University
  • Successful quantification of Atlantic salmon in mixed food products using Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) to identify fraud
    Dumas Deconinck, Flanders Research Institute voor Agriculture, Fisheries & Food (ILVO)
  • Environmentally relevant concentrations and sizes of microplastic do not alter marine diatom growth
    Zhiyue Niu, Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)
  • How a WW2 shipwreck still influences the surrounding sediment 70 years later
    Josefien Van Landuyt, Ghent University
  • Integrating drone imaging with artificial intelligence to detect marine plastics       
    Mehrdad Moshtaghi, Vlaams Insituut voor Technologisch Onderzoek (VITO)

11:10-11:15      Intermezzo

11:15-11:55      VLIZ Scientific Award winners and Brilliant Marine Research Idea grant laureates

  • North Sea Award: Trace metals in estuarine and coastal waters: dynamics, speciation and bioavailability under various environmental conditions
    Camille Gaulier, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) & Université de Lille
  • Master Thesis Award: Mercury accumulation in fishes from North-East and North-West Barents Sea during the polar night
    Anjali Gopakumar, IMBRSea, Ghent University & University of Oslo
  • Master Thesis Award: The spatio-temporal evolution of a newly created mussel bed and its effects on benthic communities
    Nanou Goedefroo, IMBRSea, Ghent University
  • Brilliant Marine Research Idea (sponsored by DEME): Tracking marked plastic items on their journey through the Scheldt estuary, using the Permanent Belgian Acoustic Receiver Network (PBARN)
    Bert Teunkens, Antwerp University
  • Brilliant Marine Research Idea: Algal microbial interactions: beyond bacteria
    Luna van der Loos, Ghent University
  • Brilliant Marine Research Idea: Microbiome and diet turnover as an indicator of rapid environmental change in the Arctic Ocean
    Sarah Maes, KU Leuven

11:55-12:05      Award ceremony

  • North Sea Award 2020
  • Master Thesis Awards 2020
  • Brilliant Marine Research Ideas 2021

12:05-12:10      Blue economy & the UN Decade of Ocean Science
                        Marc Nuytemans, CEO of Blue Cluster 

12:10-12:15      Flanders & the UN Decade of Ocean Science
                        Hilde Crevits, Deputy Prime Minister of the Flemish government & Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture
                        and Sea Fisheries

12:15-12:20      Throwback to 20 years ago

12:20-12:30      Closing talk
                         Jan Mees, General director of VLIZ 

The book of abstracts of the event is available on the VLIZ website.