VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019 | VLIZ Marine Science Day

VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019


Book of Abstracts

In the Book of Abstracts (VLIZ Special Publication 83) the abstracts of all participants and winnars of the VLIZ prizes are bundled together. It gives you a nice overview of the current marine research in the Flanders' region.


Photo gallery

All pictures of the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019 are available in the photo gallery VLIZ events.



Video recordings of all plenary talks can be found on the VLIZ YouTube Channel in the playlist VLIZ Marine Science Day 2019. You can also go to the programme-2019 page on this conference website and click on the YouTube logo’s to watch the presentations again.

The other participants could present their work during the poster session. All posters delivered to us are made available as pdf in the Open Marine Archive (OMA). 

  • Keynote spreakers

Sheila Heymans (European Marine Board) – Why marine research?

Julian Barbière (UNESCO/IOC) – The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)

  • Top-3 winners pitch presentations - pre-doc level

1: Soria Delva (UGent-Phycology) – Adaptation and acclimation in a rapidly changing marine environment: a case study of the brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma in Europe

2: Maaike Vercauteren (UGent-Pathology, bacteriology and poultry diseases) – Let’s talk about stress: can we measure the stress of a flatfish? (low sound quality)

3: Strypsteen Glenn (KU Leuven-BWK) – Dune behaviour along the Belgian coast

  • Winner pitch presentation - post-doc level

1: Van Colen Carl (Ghent University - MARBIOL) – Behavioral plasticity in a benthic bivalve enhances tolerance of microalgal grazers to ocean warming and acidification
  • Winner scientific poster

1: Brecht Stichele (UGent-ARC) – Environmental DNA, an emerging tool to predict the potentiality of nature inspired designs and oyster reef restoration: a Coastbusters case study for oyster reefs construction in the Belgian part of the North Sea PDF Icon


Meet de Company

The companies that were present during Meet the Company 2019:


VLIZ Scientific Awards

  • North Sea Award 2018

Sebastiaan van de Velde, University of California, Riverside (VSA) – Electron shuttling and elemental cycling in the seafl­oor
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  • VLIZ Master Thesis Award for Marine Sciences 2018

Meenakshi Poti (Tropimundo) – Conservation and consumption of sea turtle eggs in Redang Island, Peninsular Malaysia

Liam Lachs (Tropimundo) – Sewage-derived resort runoff threatens coral reefs? A pilot isotopic assessment of nitrogen at Pulau Redang, Malaysia
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  • VLIZ Bachelor Thesis Award for Marine Sciences 2018

Charlotte Steendam (UGent-Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates) – Digging behavior of the European eel (Anguila anguila)
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  • VLIZ Brilliant Research Ideas 2019

Marlies Monnens (UHasselt-Zoology: Biodiversity & Toxicology) – Small worms and their problematic mitochondrial genomes: a long-range PCR approach

Loïc Piret (UGent-Geology) - Fjord sedimentary signature of an advancing glacier

Ilias Semmouri (UGent-GhEnToxLab) - Biomonitoring of a zooplankton population via in situ real-time RNA sequencing on the Simon Stevin
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  • VLIZ Brilliant Research Ideas 2018

Marieke Paepen (UGent-Applied Geology and Hydrogeology) – Using multiple geophysical methods for the assessment of submarine groundwater discharge in the Western Belgian coastal area

Sebastiaan van de Velde (VUB-AMCG & UC Riverside, USA) – Counteracting anthropogenic CO2 emissions by microbial stimulation of silicate weathering

  • VLIZ Communication Award 2018

Maaike Vercauteren – Skin ulcerations in wild flatfish: A mystery to be resolved - website www.platvisziekten.be | (low sound qyuality)


See you again next year for a new edition! Keep an eye on the announcements for the submission of abstracts (autumn 2019).