2nd ENCORA Thematic Workshop

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The Second ENCORA Thematic Workshop took place in Paris, France from the 5th to the 7th of December 2007. More than one hundred experts from different disciplines related to the coast and its management and from all over Europe participated in the event.

Aim of the Workshop

The aim of the second ENCORA Thematic Workshop at Paris, France was to assist the development of European Action Plans, complementary to the work of the ENCORA theme networks on the Coastal Wiki. The European Commission invited ENCORA participants to identify scientific and technical key issues for advancing sustainable management of our coastal zones.

Theme 10 Workshop

In order to ensure that the different perspectives regarding ICZM Capacity Building issues and needs in Europe were considered, the preparation of the European Action Plan (EAP) on Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe consisted of the following stages that revolved around the Theme 10 workshop at Paris:

  • Pre-workshop stage: a first draft of the EAP was distributed for consultation via e-mail by the 1st of November to a number of selected key experts representing different countries and professional backgrounds (scientists, practitioners and policy-makers). Note that an active participation in the consultation process was one of the selection criteria for the theme 10 workshop at Paris. Comments on the first draft were received from 8 experts.
  • Workshop stage: a second draft of the EAP with the inputs of this consultation process was refined and finalized by 14 key experts from 10 different countries at the workshop in Paris.
  • Post-workshop stage: another on-line consultation process (February 2008) was carried out for approval of the final draft resulting from the inputs of such workshop. As mentioned before, a total of 18 experts finally participated in the EAP (see final list of contributors to the European Action Plan (EAP) on Capacity Building for ICZM).

Workshop Presentation

The first draft of the Theme 10 European Action Plan along with the questions of the initial on-line consultation process and corresponding answers by the experts is included in the following Power Point presentation , which was used at the workshop to lead further discussions on the European Action Plan on Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe. The presentation also offered the work plan for the workshop as well as the list of participants.

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