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Theme 1 - Social and economic aspects of ICZM Multifunctionality and Valuation.

The network on multifunctionality and valuation for INTEGRATED COASTAL ZONE MANAGEMENT is part of ENCORA. ENCORA is a Coordinated Action project under the European 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The project aims at establishing a European network structure with new mechanisms for communication on shared problems within and between the communities of coastal science, policy and practice.

Managing coastal zones implies a continuous debate aimed at resolving conflicts over the allocation and use of coastal and marine resources. Decision makers are often confronted with values and processes coming from different contexts and presented in different languages, measures and criteria. New tools and strategies are needed in order to deal with different values and to achieve a shared decision-making process.

The network on multidisciplinarity brings together researchers, coastal practioners, policy advisors and administrators, working on valuation, monitoring of socio-economic impacts and decision making.

This is a list of articles written by participants of the Thematic Network on Multifunctionality and Valuation.