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Theme 5 - Long term geomorphological change and climatic impacts

Long term geomorphological change and climatic impacts, originated from COZONE (three interlinked Networks for beach processes, coastal waters and coastal structures). The aim of the Networks was to provide a forum through which the coastal community could identify and tackle key issues raised by both the research community and practitioners, which in the past had frequently been achieved only on an ad hoc basis. This was achieved by holding a series of workshops, the development of the COZONE web site and starting an email list service.

Since February 2006, COZONE has been linked to 12 other national networks across Europe through the European Network for Coastal Research Co-ordination Action ( ENCORA). Through ENCORA, COZONE now contributes to a European wide network of coastal researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

This is a list of articles written by participants of the Thematic Network on Long term geomorphological change and climatic impacts.

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