Ecomorphology and Habitat Restoration: Useful links

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The following is a list of links to websites with useful information on different aspects of Coastal Zone Management, and especially aspects related to Ecomorphology and Habitat Restoration.

Portals for online docs on coastal wetland management

Natural England Catalogue of publications on environmental topics
NOAA Coastal Science Center Scientific information for coastal managers
Estuary Guide Management of estuarine zones
Joint Nature Conservation Committee Management of UK Coastal Habitats

Portals for online docs on Ecomorphology and Habitat Restoration

Natural England Catalogue of publications on management of coastal habitats
NOAA Coastal Science Center Search for publications with “coastal habitat” in the title
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guide on coastal wetland restoration
Estuary Guide Lists several publications on estuarine and coastal wetland management and restoration

Portals for more general information on coastal and marine ecosystem management

Natural England Publications of on the marine environment
NOAA Science for Coastal Ecosystem Management Lists documents on ecosystem management
Coastal management --- Links to coastal management websites (not up-to-date)
CoPraNet glossary --- Glossary of coastal terms
Eionet --- Partnership between EEA and countries, supporting the collection and organisation of data and the development and dissemination of information concerning Europe's environment
EnviroWindows --- Links to environmental Information for business and local authorities
SeaDataNet --- Access to Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe
Coastalguide List of coastal projects and case studies
Rhode Island Coastal Research Center Search for publications of the CRC
OURCOAST Database of 350 European ICZNM case studies


Dancore --- The Danish network for coastal research
Encora Theme 6 Ecomorphology and Habitat Restoration at the Valencia Conference 2006.

Links to further resources

Networks of excellence
Public education
ICZM case studies from other webportals;