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MURSYS (Meeresumwelt-Reportsystem - Marine Environment Reporting System) is a regularly published report providing information on physical and chemical parameters (weather, sea surface temperatures, water levels, current conditions, nutrient concentrations, oxygen situation) and biological parameters (occurrence of algae and toxic algae, blue mussel stocks, fish stocks etc.) in the area of the North and Baltic Seas. MURSYS also deals with special topics (e.g. "black spots", mass mortality of sea birds, flood etc.). MURSYS reports are published in German except for some abstracts in English. MURSYS is not a data base.

MURSYS is issued by the BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany), Hamburg. It compiles written and oral information provided by scientific institutions in the North Sea and Baltic Sea areas, the German Meteorological Service, and by other states bordering the North and Baltic Seas (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland), and also includes data provided by the BSH itself.

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