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The main 'products' from the activities carried out by the Theme 10 Network are here presented. These products are divided into project deliverables and other important outputs.

Theme 10 Project Deliverables

Other Theme 10 relevant outputs

Along with ENCORA Theme 10 deliverables, other outputs were produced that are also of relevance, namely: (1) European databases on experts and ICZM related courses and learning materials; (2) Research paper on education and training for ICZM in Europe; and (3) Annual e-newsletters.

European Databases

ICZM Capacity Building experts

Cooperation, collaboration and communication among coastal educators/trainers and practitioners is at the core of the ENCORA thematic network on Capacity Building for ICZM in Europe. To this end, the coordinators of Theme 10 created a Europe-wide network of experts on Capacity Building for ICZM.

A database of around 400 Theme 10 Network members has been created and included in the general ENCORA Contact Database. This database is a web-archive of persons and corresponding institutes involved in ICZM in Europe.

ICZM related courses and educational material

As part of the survey carried out by ENCORA Theme 10 (see Review of ICZM related courses in Europe), a database of education and training courses in Europe has been also developed. This database will assist the generation of systematic comparative information on the growing number ICZM related courses in Europe, which in turn is needed to reach an overall assessment of what is being taught and with what success.

This list is accessible through the Coastal Wiki in the form of a Catalogue of ICZM related courses in Europe. This catalogue is therefore easily updatable with pertinent modifications by the course coordinators in due time. New courses can be also included in the list, which therefore can grow indefinitely.

Research Paper

Based on the results of the Project Deliverable -Review of ICZM related courses in Europe, a research paper entitled Education and Training for ICZM in Europe has been submitted in July 2008 (under revision) to Ocean & Coastal Management

This paper provides an overview of the current situation of education and training for ICZM in Europe. This overview resulted from the analysis of the general characteristics, contents and learning materials of a significant number of courses from a representative set of countries and international organizations in Europe. This type of comparatively systematic information provides a framework within which education and training efforts can be meaningfully evaluated from a regional perspective. Based on the survey conclusions, the paper reflects on the level of interconnection between the way in which ICZM is currently taught in Europe, and the capacity needs arising from the scenario in which it takes place. In view of such scenario, and in order to advance ICZM practice in Europe, some broad recommendations to enhance education and training efforts are finally provided.

Annual e-Newsletters on Capacity Building for ICZM

This newsletter aimed at being a simple and enjoyable medium to inform the coastal community of the main issues, activities, events and programmes in the field of capacity building for ICZM. The objective was to offer a space to all coastal trainers and educators to communicate their vision, projects, pains to other colleagues, in order to learn from each other’s experiences and create a truly operational Community of Practice.

  • The first issue -2007- focused on the main activities that took place over at the beginning of the ENCORA project (i.e. Coastal Wiki Launch), and to announce the ones to come (i.e. ENCORA Thematic Workshop on ENCORA European Action Plans at Paris on December 2007).
  • The second issue -2008- includes: the EAP on Capacity Building for ICZM; the first step interventions in capacity building discussed at the Expert Meeting on the Acton Plan for the Implementation of the ICZM Mediterranean Protocol; and an article on the EU SPICOSA project on the outputs of the Professional Training Work package (WP13) aimed at identifying training gaps of coastal professionals.

Other Theme 10 relevant activities

A number of activities were carried out in order to achieve the objectives of the thematic network and to realize the project deliverables. These activities included: (1) the organization of thematic workshops; (2) the collaboration with other EU projects; and (3) the reactions to international ICZM related policies.

Thematic workshops

The organization of two expert workshops in Valencia 2006 and Paris 2007, development of the SoA and of the EAP on Capacity Building for ICZM reports respectively.

Collaboration with other EU Projects

In order to encourage collaboration and information sharing, ENCORA Theme 10 team actively promoted networking with other EU projects dealing with Capacity Building for ICZM –i.e. EU-COMET2 and SPICOSA. This collaborative effort between EU projects with rather similar objectives aimed at the creation of synergies by using the expertise of the members involved in each project as well as by avoiding duplication of efforts.

Establishing the SoA of education and training for ICZM in Europe as well as the development of a European ICZM related courses database was among the objectives of many on-going EU funded research projects, including COMET2 and SPICOSA.

Reactions to international related policies

EU coastal and marine related policies and national ICZM strategies and existing administrative arrangements, all act as powerful underlying forces in a scenario within which capacity building decisions are made. In this regard, discussions on the specific requirements for effective capacity building in view of the new visions embodied in these emerging policies and strategies are paramount.

Following this philosophy, ENCORA Theme 10 has actively participated in:

  • The consultation on the Green Paper for an EU Maritime Policy; and
  • The Expert Meeting on the Action Plan for the Implementation of the ICZM Protocol.

Dissemination activities

Following the above mentioned, capacity building also represents an appropriate framework to disseminate the ENCORA message in different conferences

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