Marine Biotechnology in Austria

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Overarching science strategies, plans and policies


Research funding schemes and programmes


Research priorities for marine biotechnology research


Strategic documents

  • Several higher level strategic documents area available on the website of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development [1]. These include:
  • Strategy 2020 – Research, Technology and Innovation for Austria
  • Strategy for Excellence; Strategy 2010 – Perspectives for Research, Technology and Innovation in Austria
  • National Research and Innovation Plan

Infrastructures and coordination and support capacities / initiatives

  • There are a number of online databases and directories which provide information about biotech and life science research activities including:
  • The Austrian Biotech Database provides information and statistics about Biotech, Pharma and Medtech companies in Austria[2].
  • The Austrian Life Sciences Directory provides a collection of profiles both from companies and major research institutes active in life sciences in Austria[3].
  • The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology groups several research actors active in the industrial biotechnology sector in Austria. It plans to make the development of bioprocesses more transparent, predictable and thus faster, calculable and cheaper[4].
  • The Research Centre Applied Biocatalysis is involved in the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology. It aims to focus the expertise of all partners to form a Research Centre for Applied Biocatalysis with sustained international and national competitiveness that forms an attractive platform for applied biocatalysis[5].

Major initiatives

While Austria might not be an obvious location for marine biotechnology, several companies and research institutes include an important focus on marine biotechnology research. Notable examples are:

  • Sealife Pharma® [6]. The mission of the company is to discover and develop new active substances of marine origin to successfully treat infections caused by multi-drug resistant pathogens in the future.




This country profile is based on available online information sources and contributions from various country experts and stakeholders. It does not claim to be complete or final, but should be considered as a dynamic and living information resource that will be elaborated, updated and improved as more information becomes available, including further inputs from experts and stakeholders. The information on this page is based on information initially compiled by the CSA MarineBiotech Project (2011-2013) and updated by the Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET (2013-2017).