Marine biological valuation, what 'caveats' do we need to caution HOW the valuation protocol should be used/applied?

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This article stems from discussions held during a workshop on marine biological valuation, held from 6 to 8 December 2006 at Ghent (Belgium). The workshop was a joint venture of the EU CA ENCORA ( and the EU NoE MARBEF ( Both Theme 7 within ENCORA and Theme 3 within MARBEF deal with marine/coastal biological valuation and the workshop aimed to reach a consensus on this topic. It summaries the discussion on the use of marine biological valuation as follows:

"There needs to be a clear communication about the purpose and the scale of the maps.

There needs to be consistency in the terms/definitions in order to relate with other disciplinary valuations (e.g. socio-economic or cultural valuations).

The selection of (and division in) subareas needs to be done carefully.

The protocol for making Marine biological valuation maps (BVMs) should not be used for ex post evaluations or Environmental Impact Assessments."


These paragraphs reflect the main discussion outcomes of the ENCORA Theme 7-MARBEF Theme 3 workshop on marine biological valuation (6-8 December 2006, Gent, Belgium). (