NCK Lecture Overview

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Topic Lecturer From
geophysical flows Dr. Theo Gerkema NIOZ
ecological impact on physical processes Prof. Peter Herman NIOO
stability analyses of seabed and tidal inlets Prof. Suzanne Hulscher UTwente
waves in shallow water Dr. Ad Reniers TUDelft
tides in shallow water Dr. Herman Ridderinkhof NIOZ
non-cohesive sediment transport processes Prof. Leo van Rijn UUtrecht/Deltares
morphological model concepts and semi-empirical modelling Dr. Zheng Bing Wang Deltares/TUDelft
morphological model concepts and process-based modelling Prof. Dano Roelvink UNESCO-IHE/Deltares
medium-term morphology Dr. Gerben Ruessink UUtrecht
long-term morphology Dr. Ad van der Spek Deltares
numerical modelling of hydrodynamics and transport processes Prof. Guus Stelling TUDelft
data analysis Dr. Kathelijne Wijnberg UTwente
cohesive sediment transport processes Dr. Han Winterwerp TUDelft/Deltares