Terrestrial coastal habitats and ecosystems

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This article provides an introduction to those habitats and ecosystems that form the terrestrial component of coastal zone. They lie above the limits of normal high tides and range from those that are directly influenced by the sea to those that have little maritime influence but never the less lie close to it.


Cliffs and islets

Industrial ecosystems

Islets and small islands

Coastal deserts

Coastal grassland

Coastal grazing marsh

Coastal grazing marsh is one of a suite of coastal habitats derived from former tidal land. They have varying degrees of contact with sea water. They can be considered as 'human modified' coastal habitats and also include salinas and rice fields. Coastal grazing marsh is specifically, enclosed but unimproved (for agriculture) salt marsh.

Coastal lakes and rivers

Coastal temperate forest

Coastal tropical forest

Other terrestrial coastal habitats

Sand dunes

Shingle shores and gravel banks

Tundra coasts


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