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Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning is important as a comprehensive framework for policy integration and a process to implement Strategies concerning Coastal Zone Management. At a global, regional (i.e. Mediterranean, Baltic, etc.) and EU level there are various enabling frameworks (e.g. European Parliament and Council Recommendation concerning the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe, Barcelona Convention,) which support such activities. Such frameworks also exist at a national level (recently a Special Framework for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development for coastal areas has been adopted in Greece to guide public policy providing a policy platform towards ICZM). There is also a wide range of possible ICZM planning research agenda across Europe but a few highlights could assist in bringing forward some of the opportunities which exist.

Theme 3 State of the Art

Theme 3 is coordinated by Prof. Harry Coccossis, the head manager of the Laboratory of Environment and Spatial Planning of the University of Thessaly, where the coordination office is located.

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Conceptual Approaches-Theoretical Constructs

  • Sustainability, ICZM and Spatial Planning
Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Participation Processes in Coastal Zone Management

Key Issues/Analysis/ Priorities for action

  • Loss of natural areas-ecosystem degradation-Natural Resource conflicts/Hot spots
  • Land and Sea Use conflicts
  • Urbanization of coasts
  • Infrastructure development
  • Artificialization of the coast

Spatial scales, planning and ICZM

  • River basin management, ICZM and spatial planning
Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Large scale ecosystem management &spatial planning
Marine Spatial Planning - the need for a common language
  • Coastal area development (Regional & local level)
  • Urban development and waterfronts
Coastal Cities

Methodological tools

  • Mapping/GIS in monitoring and evaluation,DSS
ICZM and Information Systems
Demographic marine-economics potential
Comprehensive estimation of coastal regions

Policy instruments

  • Incentives
  • Regulations
  • Infrastructure development
  • Land use/sea use planning
Coastal zone delimitation

Policy responses

  • European Union (Marine Strategy, ESDP/ESPON, ICZM Council Recomm, etc.)
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
  • International and world regional (Mediterranean, Baltic 21, etc.)
Updating NorVision - Towards a New Spatial Agenda for the North Sea Region
  • National
The Case of Greece
  • Sub-regional and local

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