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Welcome to Theme 5: Long term geomorphological change and climatic impacts

The theme coordinator is Professor Andrew Chadwick , based in the University of Plymouth [1], which is also the home of the COZONE office [2] .

Theme 5 State of the Art/ Introduction article

Theme 5 State of the Art/ Introduction article Andrew Chadwick

Coastal Processes

Waves K. Mangor
Currents K. Mangor
Coastal Hydrodynamics And Transport Processes K. Mangor
Accretion and erosion for different coastal types K. Mangor

Coastal Classification

Characteristics of sedimentary shores K. Mangor
Classification of coastlines - K. Mangor, Troels Aagaard and Aart Kroon
Shore protection, coast protection and sea defence methods K. Mangor
Perched beaches K. Mangor


Modelling Review (all generic types) V.Magar, J.Sutherland, H.Hanson
Coastal morphodynamics and society J.Sutherland
Model types J.Sutherland
Process-based modelling J.Sutherland
Behaviour-based models V.Magar
Data-driven models and statistical approaches V.Magar
Geomorphological analysis J.Sutherland
Parametric equilibrium models J.Sutherland
Emerging techniques V.Magar
Long-term modelling using 1-line models - GENESIS and new extensions H. Hanson
How to apply models I. Broker
Process-based morphological models I. Broker
Stability models A. Falques
Geomorphological time scales and processes K. Pavlopoulos


Policy in the Netherlands L. Van Der Burgh
Effect of climate change on coastline evolution M. Walkden M. Knaapen
Types and background of coastal erosion J. van de Graaff

Case Studies

(NB. To be site specific and likable to models, where possible)

Greek case studies: Morphological evolution of the R.Alfios deltaic shoreline G. Ghionis and S. Poulos
Greek case studies: Sediment dynamics in the nearshore zone of Gouves (Heraklio, Crete) in relation to erosion (unpublished data 2006) S. Poulos
Greek case studies: Long-term geomorphological changes on the coastal area of the Inner Thermaikos Gulf V. Kapsimalis
Greek case studies: The implications of the expected sea level rise on the low lying areas of continental Greece in the next century K. Pavlopoulos
Greek case studies: Long term geomorphological changes in the coastal zone of the Thermaikos Gulf, Salonika Region, North Greece K. Vouvalidis
Geological processes in the Anthropocene: the Po River Delta M. Brommer
French case studies: RESPONSE project C. Vinchon and D. Idier
French case studies: Upper tidal flat evolution in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel (NW France) C. Bonnot
French case studies: Dynamic of swash bar and hook spit formation in megatidal environment, Regnéville Inlet (Normandy, France) N. Robin, F. Levoy, and O. Monfort
CNEXO experimental SandPit in Seine Estuary P. Sergent
Slapton barrier beach case study, UK A. Chadwick
Case studies: Long term predictions for estuaries D. Prandle
Portuguese case studies: Caparica O. Las Neves
Origin and Genesis of coastal barriere systems. Case study from Rømø in the Danish Wadden Sea M. Pejrup and T. Joest Andersen
Case study: Applying ASMITA to UK estuaries K. Rossington
Tyndall's Regional Coastal Simulator, (UK) Mike Walkden

Data sets

Set of website addresses to direct to databases/ data sets A. Chadwick J. Jackson


Policy in Poland G. Rozinski
Foresight project, UK A. Chadwick


Causes of Coastal Erosion - a) Natural Causes, b)Human causes K. Mangor
Shore protection, coast protection and sea defence methods K. Mangor
FUTURECOAST project, UK A. Chadwick
Shoreline Management Plans, UK A. Chadwick
EUROSION project J. Sutherland
Practices and policies relating to climate change M.Muir

Coastal protection techniques

Dune stabilisation K. Mangor
Cliff stabilisation K. Mangor
Groynes as shore protection K. Mangor
Detached breakwaters K. Mangor
Application of breakwaters K. Mangor
Applicability of detached breakwaters K. Mangor
Coves - artificial formation and use K. Mangor
Shore nourishment K. Mangor
Revetments K. Mangor
Seawalls K. Mangor

Terminology and definitions

Definitions of coastal terms K. Mangor

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The Theme 5 coordinator is Andrew Chadwick. Please contact Juliette Jackson for assistance, questions or comments regarding the Theme 5 Wiki.