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Welcome to Theme 6: Effect of development and use on eco-morphology and coastal habitats

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Theme 6: Effect of development and use on eco-morphology and coastal habitats

Increased human exploitation and infrastructure developments in the coastal and estuarine zones influence the geo-and eco-morphology resulting in enlarged stress on coastal habitats. These effects of human activities on coastal biotopes are the basis of Theme 6, and the concepts upon which this is constructed are based on system processes including development in time. The evaluation of existing concepts for dealing with habitat change, and the identification of obstacles to effective management (including knowledge gaps) is an important aim of Theme 6. Technologies are identified for the recovery of habitats through the development of coastal environment-focused technologies.

State of the Art Overview: Theme 6 gives an excellent background to the topic.

Theme 6: Development of European Action Plans outlines the Action Plan for the Theme.

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Important processes

  1. Eutrophication in coastal environments
  2. Acidification of the oceans
  3. Bio-geointeraction
  4. Natural variability in Coastal Ecosystems
  5. Nutrient dynamics
  6. Resilience, adaptation and resistance of coastal and marine ecosystems


  1. Biotopes and classification systems
  2. Coastal zone characteristics
  3. Spatial and temporal scales
  4. Biodiversity


  1. Water Framework Directive
  2. Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
  3. Birds Directive, Habitats Directive, NATURA 2000

Key issues

  1. Pollution
  2. Climate change effects
  3. Shift of the ecosystem
  4. Threats to the coastal zone
  5. Human activities and their impact
  6. Conservation and restoration of coastal and estuarine habitats

Tools and methodologies

  1. Habitat mapping
  2. Models
  3. GIS
  4. Remote sensing: see Theme 9 - Assessment of field observation techniques

Case studies

  1. ICZM case studies from other webportals
  2. [Category:Case_studies Case studies on Coastal Wiki]
  3. Foam beach, Sydney - pictures of a 'whipped ocean' in Sydney, 2007

Projects and resources

  1. Land-ocean interaction in the coastal zone
  2. Projects - Links to websites of European Union, national, regional and global projects
  3. Networks: Networks of excellence, Networks, Public education , NGO’s
  4. Marine environmental data - sources and use
  5. Types of data: time periods, maps, locations

Other resources

Resource database - links to web resources, projects, networks, and other useful sites.
Theme 6 Index - Alphabetic index of articles
Members - links to the emails and related websites of other Theme 6 participants
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The Theme 6 leader is Karen Edelvang, and the coordination office for Theme 6 is situated in Denmark at the Danish coastal network, Dancore, located at DHI Water • Environment • Health.. Please contact Caitlin Pilkington for assistance, questions or comments regarding the Theme 6 Wiki.