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Sensor systems

Monitoring the water quality of coastal waters with automatic equipment (thermocline, entrainment, mixing)
by Franciscus Colijn (GKSS), et al.

Instruments and sensors to measure environmental parameters (related to water quality, pigments, fluorometry, nutrients, etc.)
by Ralf Prien (IOW), Friedhelm Schroeder (GKSS), et al. (NOCS,AWI, IFREMER, ...)

Platforms, CTD, water sampler, smart buoys
by Jon Rees, David Mills (CEFAS), Enrique Alvarez Fanjul (PdE), et al.

Ships of opportunity and ferries as instrument carriers
by Wilhelm Petersen (GKSS), Friedhelm Schroeder (GKSS)(GKSS)

Data telemetry
by Friedhelm Schroeder (GKSS)

Coastal observatories
by Friedhelm Schroeder and Goetz Floeser (GKSS)

Application of data loggers to seabirds
by Stefan Garthe (FTZ Büsum)

Argus video monitoring system
by Anna Cohen (Delft Hydraulics)

Wireless sensor networks
by Luigi Cavaleri (Univ. Bologna)

by Friedhelm Schroeder (GKSS)

Applications in Hydrography

Currents and turbulence by acoustic methods
by Alex Souza (POL), et al.

Use of ground based radar in hydrography
by Friedwart Ziemer, Marius Cysewski, and Stylianous Flampouris (GKSS)

Initial waves, swell waves, sea state how to measure
by Jon Rees (CEFAS), Friedwart Ziemer (GKSS), et al.

Waves and currents by X-band radar
by Ina Traenkmann (OceanWaveS)

Light fields and optics in coastal waters
by Alex Cunningham and Leanne Ramage (University of Strathclyde)

Measuring instruments for fluid velocity, pressure and wave height
by Leo van Rijn and Hans Roberti

Instruments for bed level detection
by Leo van Rijn and Hans Roberti

Applications in Sediment Transport

Manual Sediment Transport Measurements in Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Seas
by Leo van Rijn and Hans Roberti. (RIKZ)

Applications in Meteorology

Coastal Meteorology
by Markus Quante (GKSS)

Applications for Monitoring

Oil spill monitoring
by Renata Archetti (Univ. Bologna

Acoustic monitoring of marine mammals
by Klaus Lucke (FTZ Büsum)

Applications for Mapping

Underwater video
by Peter Jonsson (Univ. Lund)

Use of aerial photographs for shoreline position and mapping applications
by Kazimiercz Furmanczyk and Joanna Dudzinska-Nowak (Univ. Szczecin)

Argus applications
by Renata Archetti (Univ. Bologna) and Anna Cohen (WL|Delft Hydraulics)

Use of Lidar for coastal habitat mapping
by Jacques Populus (IFREMER)

Monitoring in the terrestrial part of the coastal zone

Monitoring biodiversity in dunes, beaches and salt marshes
by Maike Isermann (Uni Bremen), et al.

Remote Sensing

Optical remote sensing (habitat mapping, SPM maps, chlorophyll maps, bathymetry)
by Thomas Heege (EOMAP), et al.

Hyperspectral seafloor mapping and direct bathymetry calculation in littoral zones
by Thomas Heege (EOMAP), et al.

Real-time algae monitoring by optical remote sensing plus modelling
by Nicki Villars (WL | Delft Hydraulics), Hans Roberti (RIKZ)

Modelling applications

Reduction of uncertainties through Data Model Integration (DMI)
by Herman Gerritsen and Henk van de Boogaard (WL | Delft Hydraulics)

Coupled hydrodynamic - water quality - ecological modelling
by Nicki Villars (WL | Delft Hydraulics), Yannis Krestenitis (Univ. Thessaloniki), et al.

Data bases and Information management

Data formats, data management, meta data, quality standards, data portals
by Carsten Heidmann (BAW), Simon Claus (VLIZ), Andreas Omlin (LANU)

NOKIS - Information Infrastructure for the North and Baltic Sea
by Carsten Heidmann (BAW), and Jörn Kohlus (NPA Tönning)

MUDAB - Marine Environmental Data Base Germany
by David Scharte (German Federal Environmental Agency) and (BSH)

Integrated Information and Management Support System (IIMSS)
by Martin Kerner (SSC GmbH)

Development and applications of a gazetteer for the German Bight
by Jörn Kohlus (NPA Tönning)

European directives and monitoring tasks

Monitoring tasks and WFD for coastal waters in Greece
by P. Pagou (NCMR)

Topics for which contributors have to be contacted

Estimation of river discharges
Fisheries methods
Echo sounding, acoustic mapping techniques, bathymetry, seismics
Defining the coastline position (LIDAR, GIS, bathymetry, positioning, GPS, co-ordinating schemes)
Plankton sampling, CPR

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