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Follow these rules; they are critical for maintaining the quality of the Coastal Wiki!

(1) Check if an article on the same of a very similar topic exists already (by using the search function). In that case, instead of adding your article, it might be better to complement or revise this existing article. We recommend to contact the author; you will find contact details by clicking on history. In the case of conflicting evidence use the discussion page.

(2) Make sure that your article fits the fabric of articles dealing with related topics, especially articles with a more general scope. Refer to these articles by introducing links; you should also consider re-editing related articles to introduce appropriate links to your article (but not more often than strictly necessary).

(3) Important claims or statements need to be substantiated; adding an authoritative reference (or a link to authoritative Internet source) is often better than providing proof in the paper.

(4) It is recommended to upload important background documents serving as reference material in the CoastWeb Archive (CoastWeb link on the portal).

(5) Submit your article for peer review to expert colleagues before entering it in the Coastal Wiki; we encourage Coastal Wiki authors to work in teams and to review each other’s contributions.

(6) Do not copy-and-paste any material that is subject to copyright.

(7) Coastal Wiki are well-focused and short (typically 500-1000 words); structure your article according to the instructions given in the Guidelines.