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Collected reprints


Louis, A.; Clarysse, R. (1971). Contribution la connaissance du phytoplancton de l' Atlantique nord-est et de la Mer du Nord. [Contribution to the knowledge of the phytoplankton of the northeast Atlantic and the North Sea.]. Biol. Jb. Dodonaea 39: 261-337

This study shows that the principal ecological factors influencing the studied area are light, determined by very unequal day lengths, the wind, provoking a fairly homogenically mixed layer of microscopic organisms, and water depth, which in correlation with the proximity of the coast line determined the nutrient salinity concentration. The floral study allowed the determination of algal concentration in the different zones during different periods of the year, and also the quantitative and qualitative photosynthetic activity fluctuations of several florules. The study also resulted in a zonal and chronological delimitation of a large number of species of the studied area. The degressive lists, based on the mean algal frequency, showed the photosynthetically important species for each zone. Finally, the urgent necessity of large enough outtakes is shown through the phenomenon of explosive blooms of certain species.

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