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Collected reprints


Persoone, G. (1971). A simple volumeter for small invertebrates. Helgol. Meeresunters. 22: 141-143

The displacement technique for measuring the volume of plankton catches is well established, and a number of papers have been published describing suitable apparatus for this purpose including those by Frolander (1957), and Yentsch & Hebard (1957). Gnanamuthu (1952) reviews several papers dealing with equipment for measuring the volume of small aquatic animals and discusses his own volumeter. The apparatus here described employs a water column and is, therefore, more convenient to handle than previous designs which used a mercury column. It is inexpensive and simple to construct, and will measure to 0.01 or even 0.005 ccm. We have found it most useful in quickly measuring the volume of polychaetes or oligochaetes, small bivalves, small crustaceans, etc.

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