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Mommaerts-Billiet, F. (1973). Growth and toxicity tests on the marine nanoplanktonic alga Platymonas tetrathele G.S. West in the presence of crude oil and emulsifiers. Environ. Pollut. 4: 261-282

Phytoplankton response to environmental pollution by oil and emulsifiers has been studied. The nanoplanktonic flagellate Platymonas tetrathele has been assayed with increasing concentrations of crude oil, industrial non-ionic emulsifiers and mixtures of these products. Cultures poisoned with an emulsifier with an aromatic solvent exhibited a very long lag phase. Diminished growth rates were observed for all the products tested most of the time at concentrations above 50 ppm. The mixtures showed a toxicity close to that of the emulsifier component at its concentration in the mixture and lower than that of the crude oil alone. Fine structure modifications have been investigated and the possible ecological effects of such pollution have been discussed.

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