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Heip, C.; Herman, R. (1979). Production of Nereis diversicolor O.F. Müller (Polychaeta) in a shallow brackish-water pond. Estuarine and Coastal Marine Science 8: 297-305

A Nereis diversicolor population inhabiting a shallow and landlocked brackishwater pond in Belgium has been studied over one year to estimate its production. This population reproduces from May to December with a peak in August. Total numbers vary between 5,000 and 17,000 individuals/m², the total standing stock lies between 13 and 39 g dry weight per m², with a mean of 24 g dry wt m-2. Individuals grow linearly over long periods of time, although slower when they get larger. Production was calculated by determining the weight-specific growth-rate of the different size-classes in the populations; production in the year 1975-1976 was equal to 61 g dry wt m-2 year-1. The P/B-ratio was equal to 2.5. This value is compared with the value for other Polychaeta and is intermediate.

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