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Coppejans, E. (1981). Végétation marine de la Corse (Méditerranée) : 4. Documents pour la flore des algues. [Marine vegetation of Corsica (Mediterranean Sea) : 4. Documents to the algal flora.]. Biol. Jb. Dodonaea 49: 76-97

The author gives a supplementary list of seaweeds (Chlorophyceae, Bryopsidophyceae, Phaeophyceae, Rhodophyceae) collected at La Revellata (Calvi-Corsica) in the period 1977-1981. 45 taxa are newly listed: 12 have not previously been reported from Corsica, others have only sporadically been found and some have been collected by us from uncommon biotopes. The ecological conditions and precise localities, as well as the herbarium specimens are mentioned. More common species are also added in order to complete the species list from the region of Calvi. The gametophyte of Polysiphonia banyulensis is described: the differences between Bonnemaisonia aspargoides and B. clavata are discussed; a form of Antithamnion cladodermum with gland cells is illustrated. Cutleria adspersa is studied in detail, and the Cutleria monoica-C. multifida problem is discussed.

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