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Decraemer, W.; Jensen, P. (1981). Meyliidae (Nematoda-Desmoscolecoidea) with four new species and two new genera. Bull. K. Belg. Inst. Nat. Wet. 53(18): 1-13

Seven Meyliidae-species are described, four of them are new: Boucherius spinosus (Gerlach, 1956) comb.n., B. floridanus sp. n., Gerlachius lissus (Gerlach, 1956) Andrassy, 1976, Meylia alata Gerlach, 1956, M. vangoethemi sp. n., Noffsingeria omeri gen.n., sp.n. and N. grandiamphis sp.n. The different types of ornamentations of the body cuticle are considered significant features, separating the seven species in four genera, two of which were already described: Meylia Gerlach, 1956 and Gerlachius Andrassy,1976 and two new genera: Boucherius gen.n. and Noffsingeria gen.n.

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