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Martens, P.M.; Schockaert, E.R. (1981). Sand dwelling Turbellaria from the Netherlands Delta area. Hydrobiologia 84: 113-127

Sand dwelling Turbellaria from the Delta of the Rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt have been investigated. Thirty-eight samples taken from littoral and sublittoral stations in the Grevelingen, Eastern and Western Scheldt have been analysed. Thirty-three species were recorded (Acoela were not considered); twenty-four of them are new for the area and seven new species are described. Density and diversity of Turbellaria were higher in the Eastern Scheldt than in the Western Scheldt or in the Lake Grevelingen. A maximum density of 82 ind./100 cm³ was noted. A tentative calculation on relative abundance of the representatives of the different Turbellaria orders is established. Proseriata seem to be dominant in the localities studied.

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