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Goeyens, L.; Post, E.; Dehairst, F.; Vandenhoudt, A.; Baeyens, W. (1982). The use of high pressure liquid chromatography with fluorimetric detection for chlorophyll A determination in natural extracts of chloropigments and their degradation products. Intern. J. Environ. Anal. Chem. 12: 51-63

To realize chlorophyll A analysis, a method is proposed that combines the sensitivity of fluorimetric determinations and the inherent selectivity and accuracy of chromatographic separations. A partial application of the overlapping resolution mapping (ORM) method led to the use of a methanol:acetone:water (75:22:3, v/v) mixture for the isocratic separation by high pressure liquid chromatography on a reserved phase C-18 column of at least sixteen chloropigments and degradation products in a natural extract. Ten replicate measurements of a 50 g.l-1 standard showed a reproducibility of 3 promille while a detection limit of 84 pg chlorophyll A was estimated.

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