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Table of Contents - Vol. 17

Vranken, G.; Herman, J.; Vincx, M.; Heip, C. (1986). A re-evaluation of marine nematode productivity. Hydrobiologia 135: 193-196 (abstract)

Borremans, C. (1987). North Sea spawning grounds of the sole (Solea solea) located from the 1984 Belgian plankton survey. Proc. V Congr. Europ. Ichthyol., Stockholm 1985 1985: 187-191 (abstract)

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Chakravorty, R.; Van Grieken, R. (1986). Radiochemical study of Cd , Co and Eu coprecipitation with Iron Hydroxide in seawater. Microchim. Acta 3: 81-87 (abstract)

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Martens, E.; Redant, F. (1986). Protandric hermaphroditism in the brown shrimp , Crangon crangon (L.) , and its effects on recruitment and reproductive potential. ICES Shellfish Commitee, C.M. 37: 1-20 (abstract)

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Dehairs, F.; Lambert, C.E.; Chesselet, R.; Risler, N. (1987). The biological production of marine suspended barite and the barium cycle in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Biogeochemistry 4: 119-139 (abstract)

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Willems, K.A.; Claeys, D.; Fiers, F. (1987). Syrticola mediterraneus n. sp., a harpacticoid copepod from the Bay of Calvi, Corsica. Hydrobiologia 153: 71-78 (abstract)

Baeyens, W.; Gillain, G.; Decadt, G.; Elskens, I. (1987). Trace metals in the eastern part of the North Sea : 1: Analyses and short-term distributions. Oceanol. Acta 10(2): 169-179 (abstract)

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