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Table of Contents - Vol. 27

Abatzopoulos, T.J.; Triantaphyllidis, G.; Beardmore, J.A.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). International study on Artemia : 55. Cyst membrane protein composition as a discriminant character in the genus Artemia. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 77: 265-268 (abstract)

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Geurden, I.; Coutteau, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Increased docosahexaenoic acid levels in total and polar lipid of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) postlarvae fed vegetable or animal phospholipids. Mar. Biol. 129: 689-698 (abstract)

Jambers, W.; Smekens, A.; Van Grieken, R.; Shevchenko, V.P.; Gordeev, V. (1997). Characterisation of particulate matter from the Kara Sea using electron probe X-ray micro analysis. Colloids and Surfaces. A. 120: 61-75 (abstract)

Kontara, E.K.M.; Coutteau, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Effect of dietary phospholipid on requirements for and incorporation of n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids in postlarval Penaeus japonicus Bate. Aquaculture 158: 305-320 (abstract)

Kontara, E.K.M.; Merchie, G.; Lavens, P.; Robles, R.; Nelis, H.; De Leenheer, A.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Improved production of postlarval white shrimp through supplementation of L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate in their diet. Aquaculture International 5: 127-136 (abstract)

Merchie, G.; Lavens, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Optimization of dietary vitamin C in fish and crustacean larvae : a review. Aquaculture 155: 165-181 (abstract)

Merchie, G.; Lavens, P.; Verreth, J.; Ollevier, F.; Nelis, H.; De Leenheer, A.; Storch, V.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). The effect of supplemental ascorbic acid in enriched live food for Clarias gariepinus larvae at startfeeding. Aquaculture 151: 245-258 (abstract)

Muylaert, K.; Van Kerckvoorde, A.; Vyverman, W.; Sabbe, K. (1997). Structural characteristics of phytoplankton assemblages in tidal and non-tidal freshwater systems : a case study from the Schelde basin, Belgium. Freshwat. Biol. 38: 263-276 (abstract)

Naessens, E.; Lavens, P.; Gomez, L.; Browdy, C.L.; McGovern-Hopkins, K.; Spencer, A.W.; Kawahigashi, D.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Maturation performance of Penaeus vannamei co-fed Artemia biomass preparations. Aquaculture 155: 87-101 (abstract)

Schrijvers, J.; Schallier, R.; Silence, J.; Okondo, J.; Vincx, M. (1997). Interactions between epibenthos and meiobenthos in a high intertidal Avicennia marina mangrove forest. Mangroves and Salt Marshes 1: 137-154 (abstract)

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Triantaphyllidis, G.; Criel, G.R.; Abatzopoulos, T.J.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). International study on Artemia : 53. Morphological study of Artemia with emphasis to Old World strains : 1. Bisexual populations. Hydrobiologia 357: 139-153 (abstract)

Triantaphyllidis, G.; Criel, G.R.; Abatzopoulos, T.J.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). International study on Artemia : 54. Morphological study of Artemia with emphasis to Old World strains : 2. Parthenogenetic populations. Hydrobiologia 357: 155-163 (abstract)

Triantaphyllidis, G.; Criel, G.R.; Abatzopoulos, T.J.; Thomas, K.M.; Peleman, J.; Beardmore, J.A.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). International study on Artemia : 57. Morphological and molecular characters suggest conspecificity of all bisexual European and North African Artemia populations. Mar. Biol. 129: 477-487 (abstract)

Tzovenis, I.; De Pauw, N.; Sorgeloos, P. (1997). Effect of different light regimes on the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) content of Isochrysis aff. galbana (clone T-ISO). Aquaculture International 5: 489-507 (abstract)

Vanhove, S.; Wittoeck, J.; Beghyn, M.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Van Kenhove, A.; Coomans, A.; Vincx, M. (1997). Role of the meiobenthos in Antarctic ecosystems. Belgian Antarctic activities 27: 1-59 (abstract)

Verdonck, L.; Grisez, L.; Sweetman, E.; Minkoff, G.; Sorgeloos, P.; Ollevier, F.; Swings, J. (1997). Vibrios associated with routine productions of Brachionus plicatilis. Aquaculture 149: 203-214 (abstract)

Verschuere, L.; Dhont, J.; Sorgeloos, P.; Verstraete, W. (1997). Monitoring Biolog patterns and r/K-strategists in the intensive culture of Artemia juveniles. Journal of Applied Microbiology 83: 603-612 (abstract)

Wouters, R.; Van Hauwaert, A.; Naessens, E.; Ramos, X.; Pedrazzoli, A.; Lavens, P. (1997). The effect of dietary n-3 HUFA and 22:6n-3/20:5n-3 ratio on white shrimp larvae and postlarvae. Aquaculture International 5: 113-126 (abstract)

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