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World Ocean Day 2016 - MANMADE

Humans and their impact on the earth and the sea are more and more prominent. How this influences artists? During summer 2016 the Provincial domain Raversyde ANNO 1465 will build the exposition MANMADE about the current and future relationship between mankind and Earth that will engage in the confrontation with the medieval fishing village. Contemporary artists from over the world and artists-to-be of the art academy in Ostend will show their work, based on the sea and the human impact on it. The expo will be kicked off on Friday evening 10 June 2016, when the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) celebrates World Ocean Day 2016. Everybody is welcome in the arts centre De Grote Post in Ostend, Belgium for a full evening’s entertainment with this marine art and the science behind it. More detailed information on the programme is available on the Dutch part of our website.