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Annual report 2018

VLIZ thanks all its donors sincerely for their support. With your gift we can push the boundaries in helping the seas and ocean! More information on how your donation is being used in 2018 can be found here.

How was your gift used in 2018?

All activities realised in 2018 thanks to VLIZ philanthropy are summarised in an 'annual report for donors' (only in Dutch). You can receive a printed version by sending your postal adress to .

Incomes in 2018

  • Projects and grants: 3.630 EUR (13%)
  • Membership fees: 9.719 EUR (34%)
  • Donations: 4.953 EUR (17%)
  • Sea&Science collection: 7.140 EUR (25%)
  • Other incomes: 3.198 EUR (11%)

Total: 28.641 EUR

Expenses in 2018

  • Brilliant Marine Research Ideas: 19.071 EUR (46%)
  • SeaWatch-B: 3.344 EUR (8%)
  • North-south cooperation: 7.798 EUR (19%)
  • Fundraising costs: 3.094 EUR (7%)
  • Sea&Science collection: 5.189 EUR (13%)
  • Administration: 2.862 EUR (7%)

Total: 41.358 EUR

Transfer 2018

Some amounts were reserved for expenses in 2019, i.e.  the built up reserves for SeaWatch-B, WoRMS-editors, and Marine Life Chili, as well as the payment of the final amounts of the Brilliant Marine Research Idea grants 2018.


Your gift will be used to support projects that benefit the sea. You can rest assured that this is done transparently.

  • The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) vzw values a code of ethics for fundraising. You have a right to information.This means that donors, volunteers and staff are at least informed annually of what was done with the acquired funds via a annual report for donors (only in Dutch).
  • You can see our complete financial statements on the website of the National Bank or on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation.
  • Our accounts are audited annually by an independent auditor.

You can contact us with any questions about the use of your gift.
Karen Rappé, contact Philanthropy VLIZ at +32-(0)59-34 14 94 or via .