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Diversity & Inclusion

At VLIZ, we believe that a fair and inclusive work environment enhances the creative and innovative objectives of VLIZ. We want to extand our commitment by pursuing a culture based on inclusion and diversity in an environment that ensures equal opportunities for all.


By diversity we mean: all aspects in which people differ from each other. Gender, sexual orientation, talent & limitations, ethnicity, age and philosophy. Every employee has their own unique combination of such characteristics. Some of these characteristics have a direct influence on how people feel at work: they determine how people learn, what they need to function, which motivates them. By taking this into account, VLIZ can work more effectively and efficiently, with employees who are more motivated and involved.

Code of conduct

We continue to build an inclusive corporate culture and a diverse workforce. We create an open and safe working environment where everyone can express their opinion in a respectful way. We take action when we detect that individuals or groups are treating, excluding or harming each other without respect on the basis of ethnicity, color, sex, gender, age, disability, religion, political preference, sexual orientation, nationality, origin or other personal characteristics . We choose to mediate in conflicts arising from prejudice and resolve them. We conduct inclusive communication in image and word. We strive for a good work-life balance for sustainable employment. We are open to the specific needs of employees in the workplace so that they can talents without limitations. We exclude any bias in recruitment to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates.

Follow up

We made an inventory of the current situation and carried out a baseline measurement in January 2022. We evaluate progress every two years and make adjustments through targeted actions and training. We appoint a diversity promoter for this, who directs the actions and reports the monitoring to management. The confidential counselor also supports the detection of discrimination and bias and helps the diversity promoter to work on solutions. The diversity promoter and the confidential counselor report annually to management, each based on their role.

Gender Equality Plan

The VLIZ Gender Equality Plan was formulated in 2021. You can download the pdf here.