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Exposition Operation North Sea 1944-45

On D-Day the Allied troops landed in Normandy, but then World War II was not over yet in Europe. The Canadians liberated the Belgian coast in the beginning of September, apart from a small corner that remained German: Zeebrugge and Knokke. Only after a second landing operation on 1 November 1944 and the Battle of the Scheldt, the Allies did succeed in finally breaking through the German Atlantic Wall. The latter is a little known story in the great war history. Learn all about it in the new exhibition Operation North Sea 1944-45, which can be seen from 8 June 2019 to 6 January 2021 in SeaFront in Zeebrugge. An exhibition that wants to give the 5000 victims of this landing operation their place in history.

What can you expect to see?

The exhibition Operation North Sea 1944-45 tells the story of the months October and November 1944, when the Battle of the Scheldt was fought. Text, maps, timelines, photos, videos and props show how the Atlantic Wall is broken again after D-Day. You can see how an impressive naval force leaves from Ostend on 1 November 1944 to liberate Walcheren while Knokke and Zeebrugge are liberated from the polders.

The exhibition shows how water is used as a weapon and gives an overview of the Belgians who fight during the Battle of the Scheldt. Along the way you will come across many interesting facts, like the many German soldiers struggling with stomach problems.

Operation North Sea 1944-45 is packed with original pieces from the Battle of the Scheldt. You see an armored car of the Canadian army and the impressive guns of the British battleship HMS Roberts that took part in the action. You walk among remnants of the battle that can still be found at the bottom of the sea today. Proof that the Battle of the Scheldt is still present in our region.

For who?

Suitable for all ages. Both the interested layman and the visitors with prior knowledge can discover this little known piece of history.
For families with children there is a tour with original questions, videos and stories. There they collect icons and answers. At the end of the tour you can win a gift.

Practical information

Seafront Zeebrugge
Vismijnstraat 7
8380 Zeebrugge, Belgium

From 8 June 2019 to 3 January 2021

Opening hours
Daily between 10:00 and 17:00.
See the website www.seafront.be for opening hours in winter months (nov./dec.)
Closed on 25 December and 1 January. Closed in January.

Included in the ticket for Seafront: € 13.50 for adults / € 11.50 for students, disabled persons and 60+ / € 9.50 for children <12 years / € 0 for children <1m. When showing the Coast Pass, visitors receive a € 2 discount.
Offer for groups: from 20 participants there is an adjusted group price (€ 9.50 per person). Groups can opt for a guided tour during a half or full day trip, whether or not in combination with a meal.
Offer for schools: from 20 participants there is an adjusted school price (€ 6.50 per person). Schools can choose a tour, a workshop and / or a combination visit. You can make free use of the picnic area.


The War Heritage Institute, Westtoer, the Flanders Marine Institute and Seafront joined forces for this exhibition. They were supported by the Flemish Government and the National Lottery, in collaboration with the Province of West Flanders and the City of Bruges.