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OPI: Oceans Past Initiative

The Oceans Past Initiative (OPI) is a global research network for marine historical research. Our goal is to enhance knowledge and understanding of how the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life in the world’s oceans has changed over the long term to better indicate future changes and possibilities.

Biology, Biology > Ecology - biodiversity

The University of Dublin, Trinity College; Centre for Environmental Humanities, more

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Published in:
OBIS: Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more
Published datasets:
HMAP Dataset 01: SE Australian Trawl Fishery I: Fish (various) landings and fishing effort, South East Australia, 1918-1923, more
HMAP Dataset 02: SE Australian Trawl Fishery II: Fish (various) landings and fishing effort, South East Australia, 1937-1943, more
HMAP Dataset 03: SE Australian Trawl Fishery III: Fish (various) landings and fishing effort, South East Australia, 1951-1957, more
HMAP Dataset 04: World Whaling, more
HMAP Dataset 05: Newfoundland, 1698-1833, more
HMAP Dataset 06: Newfoundland, 1675-1698, more
HMAP Dataset 07: Danish Baltic Catch Data, 1611-1920, more
HMAP Dataset 08: Swedish Baltic Catch Data, 1752-1990, more
HMAP Dataset 09: North Russian Salmon Catch Data, 1615-1937, more
HMAP Dataset 10: Catalonian Coast, more
HMAP Dataset 11: Limfjord Fisheries, more
HMAP Dataset 12: North-west Scotland Fisheries, more
HMAP Dataset 13: Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador I, more
HMAP Dataset 14: Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador II, more
HMAP Dataset 15: Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador III, more
HMAP Dataset 16: Peru, South-east Pacific, more
HMAP Dataset 17: North Sea Demersal Fish, more
HMAP Dataset 18: Colombian Caribbean Sea, more
HMAP Dataset 19: Estonian Fisheries: Pärnu City Customs Records, more
HMAP Dataset 20: Limfjord Catch Data, 1890-1925, more
HMAP Dataset 21: Gulf of Thailand cephalopod fisheries, more
HMAP Dataset 22: Catch and Fishing Effort in the Limfjord Fisheries, more
Norfish: Danish Kattegat herring fishery, 1520-1899, more
Norfish: Danish Limfjord herring fishery, 1518-1835, more
Norfish: Danish Sound herring fishery, 1368-1790, more
Norfish: Dutch herring fishery, 1512-1790, more
Norfish: Dutch-Icelandic cod fishery, 1520-1852, more
Norfish: English herring fishery, 1520-1790, more
Norfish: English North-East Atlantic cod fishery, 1520-1790, more
Norfish: Faroes cod fishery, 1520-1807, more
Norfish: Flemish herring fishery, 1386-1790, more
Norfish: French herring fishery, 1520-1790, more
Norfish: French North East Atlantic Cod Fishery 1520-1829, more
Norfish: German Herring Fishery 1520-1790, more
Norfish: Iceland Cod Landings 1520-1871, more
Norfish: Irish Herring Fishery 1520-1790, more
Norfish: Norway Cod Fishery 1520-1791, more
Norfish: Norway West Coast Herring Fishery 1520-1850, more
Norfish: Norwegian/Swedish Bohuslän Herring Landings 1520–1808, more
Norfish: Scottish Herring Fishery 1466-1790, more
Norfish: Shetland Cod Fishery 1520-1796, more
Norfish: Spanish and Basque Newfoundland Cod Fishery 1520-1790, more

Dataset status: In Progress
Data type: Data
Data origin: Data collection
Metadatarecord created: 2016-07-19
Information last updated: 2016-07-19
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