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JPI Healthy and productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans)

The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans is a coordinating and integrating platform, open to all European countries that invest in marine and maritime research. VLIZ has been commissioned by the  Government of Flanders to support the JPI Oceans secretariat. 

The start-up of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), whereby EU member states are encouraged to combine national research funds and to further structure cooperation in the field of research policy, aims to better tackle societal challenges in Europe. One of the ten selected societal challenges for which a JPI was established in 2010 was ‘Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans’, or JPI Oceans for short.

This video with the European Research Commissioner, the Flemish Minister for innovation and Norwegian Minister for fisheries explains the role JPI Oceans plays and its importance to the marine and maritime landscape.


From the start, this initiative was developed by a core group representing Flanders/Belgium, Norway and Spain. After the entry of Estonia and Greece into JPI Oceans, the number of participating countries is currently twenty.

The principal objectives of JPI Oceans are:

1) avoiding fragmentation and unnecessary duplication of marine and maritime research;
2) planning common and flexible initiatives;
3) facilitating cooperation and foresighting;
4) establishing efficient mechanisms for interaction and knowledge transfer between the scientific community, industry and policymakers in order to tackle the major challenges of the future more effectively.

The new JPI Oceans office in Brussels was officially opened in October 2012. This office’s inauguration was the first occasion on which a specific office space was allocated to a Joint Programming Initiative for the international team working in the JPI Oceans secretariat.

Every year VLIZ receives an additional investment subsidy from the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Government of Flanders to support the JPI Oceans secretariat in Brussels. A total of € 200,000 is spent annually on the employment of two full-time and one half-time staff and on the support of the operation.

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Read more about JPI Oceans’ activities of last year in the annexes of the VLIZ annual report.  

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