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The VLIZ Library is a public marine scientific information centre. It is the central point of contact for marine information for scientists, policymakers and the public at large.

The VLIZ Library manages the most extensive collection of marine scientific literature in Belgium.  Its main task consists in collecting, disclosing and redistributing marine scientific information so as to provide support to Flemish and international marine research.


  • General operation of the library, aimed at giving guidance to users, responding to information requests, and quickly and correctly meeting literature requests from our own or from external collections, digitally whenever possible.
  • Collection development; completeness is aimed for collecting Belgian marine literature, extended with relevant international literature and multimedia.
  • The description of an extensive collection of literature data in the VLIZ literature database, the online searchable catalogue which is part of IMIS.
  • The development of the Belgian Marine Bibliography (BMB). This is the reference list of all publications on the Flemish coast and the Belgian part of the North Sea as well as all other marine, estuarine and coastal publications written by Belgian authors and scientists, as well as foreign scientists affiliated with a Belgian institution.
  • Archiving the digital full text files from the BMB and making them freely available online through the Open Marine Archive (OMA).
  • Digitalising partial collections and making the information freely available as much as possible.
  • Providing information support for projects by documenting project topics, supplementing bibliographies and managing source lists.
  • Regular alerting with regard to library acquisitions.

Staff members:

Head of division and contact: Heike Lust

Staff members