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The ocean and humans are inextricably connected. Food, medicins, energy and minerals, the ocean and seas have so much to offer! This textbook 'De Wetenschap van de Zee ('Eng: Science of the Ocean') aims to let you discover all sorts of fascinating creatures, processes and mechanisms from the sea, and is an ideal guide for anyone interested in seas and oceans.

The textbook 'De Wetenschap van de Zee' includes many concepts that are relevant to educating science in secondary education. The world of marine research proves to be an encouraging and exciting context to acquire scientific literacy. A current and solid scientific content is ensured through cooperation with a large number of marine researchers and educators. With this book, the authors, Evy Copejans and Michiel Smits, show how fascinating and complex it is to study the ocean.

You can order the book (only in dutch!) at the website of the publisher.