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Beached bird countings along the Belgian coast
Results of the yearly countings of beached birds. Data can be consulted to create species or region-specific graphs.
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Integrated Marine Environmental Readings and Samples
Database with measurements of sampling campaigns of Belgian Part of the North Sea and international waters.
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Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
This series of programs was developed at Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) to plan the cruises of the RV Zeeleeuw, to register the research activities during these cruises and to capture navigational, metereological and oceanographic parameters while underway.
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Measurement network Flemish Banks
Measurement network Flemish Banks for collecting real-time oceanographic and meteorological data (weather, wind, waves, tide, ...) along the Belgian coast and on the Belgian Continental Shelf.
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North Sea Benthos Project
Integrating macrobenthic infaunal data (1999-2001) available from various sources, including national monitoring surveys, in North Sea soft bottom sediments.
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Regional Lifewatch Node - Marine and terrestrial observatories, models and data systems.
LifeWatch is a distributed virtual laboratory and will be used for biodiversity research, for climatological and environmental impact studies. This large European research infrastructure (ESFRI) consists of several biodiversity observatories, databases, web services and modelling tools. With the regional node, VLIZ coordinates in collaboration with INBO the Flemish contribution to LifeWatch.
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Research on the environmental effects of the Sigma plan
Multidisciplinary monitoring program of the Zeeschelde sponsored by Waterwegen en Zeekanaal and executed by the OMES consortium since 1995. Different components of the ecosystem are sampled: water quality, carbon cycle, phytoplankton, microphytobenthos, zooplankton, primary productivity and sedimentology.
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ScheldeMonitor: knowledge and information system for research and monitoring on the Scheldt...
The ScheldeMonitor is a Flemish-Dutch knowledge and information system for research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. This portal gives you an overview of publications, institutions, projects, datasets, ... Related to the research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary and provides access to measurements and data products such as maps, charts and indicators.
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Spuikom website
Activities and monitoring (a.o water quality) in and around 'de Spuikom' at Ostend.
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