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Integrated Marine Readings and Samples

Measurement data from multidisciplinary Belgian and international projects and measurement campaigns are collected in the integrated data system IMERS. Its strength is the possibility to store extensive technical metadata linked to the measurement data. The integration is linked to quality control and facilitates the data flow to national and international data systems. The unrestricted data integrated in IMERS are made available through an online interface.


The database was developed in response to a growing need for a uniform system for storage of data originating from different sampling campaigns in the marine environment. IMERS integrates data of the watercolumn, sediment, suspended matter and biota. Users can search for information on sampling or select a particular area or sampling point on a map interface.

A maximum integration with other VLIZ data systems was realised. All taxa are linked to the taxonomic species list (APHIA). Individuals and institutions are linked to the integrated Marine Information System (IMIS). Where possible, cruises and trips are linked to the database Marine Information and Data Acquisition System (MIDAS).

An overview of projects and measurements integrated in IMERS can be viewed here

For different research projects, an IMERS interface was created to disclose project data on the website. Some examples: INRAM, OMES,...


Contact : Klaas Deneudt