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Become a partner of VLIZ

Through its philanthropic projects, VLIZ can offer the opportunity to companies to become a VLIZ partner based on the grounds of a common concern and passion for the seas and ocean.

Through a partnership with VLIZ your company can fulfil an ecological and social role besides its main economic role. Corporate social responsibility is becoming very popular in the industry. Not only the staff, but also the clients and stakeholders appreciate the social commitment of your company.

The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), as a centre for marine and coastal research and as a partner in various (national and international) projects and networks, represents a prominent partner with a strong international reputation, giving the social commitment of your company the visibility it deserves.

Together we can work out a partnership on a marine/maritime project. Through our north-south actions, a.o. with Kenya and Chili, we also can offer projects for development cooperation in marine science.

Possible projects could be:

  • organising educational events on a certain topic of interest, e.g. a seminar or chair at a university
  • supporting and expanding monitoring campaigns
  • supporting scientific research on a topic of interest
  • supporting the north-south exchange of expertise and capacity building
  • organising an ocean literacy campaign to inform the public at large on the importance of the seas and ocean

Together we can link the needs of the seas and ocean to the core business of your company in a rewarding partnership.

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