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RIB Zeekat

RIB Zeekat can be used on the Belgian part of the North Sea deployed from the research vessel ‘Simon Stevin’. The RIB Zeekat can also be launched independently from a slipway for sampling activities in the coastal waters, the Belgian ports and the Scheldt estuary.

Zeekat is a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) with a width of 2.45m and a length of 6m. Its limited draught (0.6m) enables the boat to take samples in shallow areas.  Its reinforced keel allows the vessel to run ashore on tidal banks.It is equipped with a DPGS receiver, a track plotter and an echosounder. Navigational data can be logged.
The RIB is equipped with a small beam trawl (2m) for fishing and can be used for ADCP measurements. Cases and instruments can be fixed to rails mounted on the deck. A generator is available to feed a portable computer or other mains voltage appliances. Zeekat can carry up to six persons on board, including one skipper. VLIZ will provide the skipper and will ensure the transport of Zeekat.  

If you as a scientist make use of the marine scientific infrastructure and equipment made available by VLIZ, please refer to this in your publications, in particular when using RIB Zeekat.

Do you wish to use RIB Zeekat? Please contact VLIZ by e-mail or by calling + 32 (0)59 34 21 39.