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Taxonomic register for marine species

The Aphia taxonomic register contains a list of all known marine species in the world and provides an overview of the accepted taxonomic names. This register is used worldwide as a standard list. It currently serves as a platform for the Belgian, European, arctic and world list of marine species, among others.


Aphia integrates information on:

  • species names
  • synonyms
  • common names
  • extra information : literature, biogeographic data, photo, ...
  • classification

The Aphia database integrates global and regional taxonomic registers and cooperates with other acknowledged marine registers such as  AlgaeBase and FishBase.

More information on the system, its tools, editorial board and statistics is available on the website.

Some examples of application:

  • WoRMS: online Worldregister of marine species.
  • BeRMS: online Belgian register of marine species.
  • ERMS: online European register of marine species.
  • ARMS: online Arctic register of marine species.
  • IMIS: as taxonomic standard for the information system IMIS.
  • LifeWatch: virtual laboratory for marine biodiversity research. Aphia serves as taxonomic backbone for the LifeWatch infrastructure.
  • more...


Contact: Leen Vandepitte