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The points of departure and preconditions determine the development of the activities performed within VLIZ.

The points of departure and preconditions of VLIZ are:

  • VLIZ develops research agendas and aims to implement the identified priorities. In doing so, VLIZ itself will not carry out research topics covered by Flemish marine research groups (MOGs) who have expressed an active interest to research in their contacts with the institution and identified in the Compendium for Coast and Sea; the institution will inform in advance its possible initiatives through its Scientific Committee (avoid competition with existing MOGs); the institution will preferably put effort in collaborative research involving VLIZ capacity which promotes interactions between disciplines (strengthen interdisciplinarity).
  • VLIZ has a multidisciplinary character and supports all marine research disciplines.
  • VLIZ supports coastal and marine scientific research in the broadest sense, which means that ‘sea’ not only refers to the open water and the seabed but also to all tidal and coastal systems.
  • All geographic areas where Flemish marine scientists are or were active, are part of the field of activity of VLIZ.
  • The information provided by VLIZ is scientifically sound (usually reference is made to the experts or through consultation of the network of experts; great care is always taken to quote their input).
  • VLIZ is completely autonomous and neutral.
  • The basic principles of VLIZ are administrative openness and public consultation.