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Research platforms

The research platforms described below will deliver the technologies and infrastructure enabling VLIZ and other Marine Research Groups to perform innovative, internationally recognized, state of the art marine research.
  • The Marine Station Ostend (MSO) offers laboratory space and experimental facilities, meso- and microcosms, exposure tanks, analytical capacity, technical workshops for mechanical and electronic maintenance and Research & Development.
  • Fixed platforms include buoys and cabled networks offer delayed-mode and real-time monitoring of multiple biological and abiotic environmental variables through an array of sensors.
  • The Scientific Diving platform allows flexible and advanced diving operations at sea.
  • The Citizen Science platform will imply active contributions of the wider public to VLIZ research activities.
  • The Omics platform will enable molecular understanding of diversity, structure and function of marine organisms, populations and communities.
  • The Modelling platform will develop, apply, and optimize different types of mathematical models to elucidate and quantify connections between the ocean, its inhabitants, its services, humans and the drivers of change.

For more detailed information on the research enabling platforms we refer to the VLIZ Research Strategy.