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Videogalerij » Living with a warming ocean (film CLAMER)
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Chapter 8: Human health & Ostreopsis - Climate change in European marine ecosystems
Beschrijving Chapter 8 - Climate Change in European marine ecosystems - Human health & Ostreopsis - CLAMER

Global warming is profoundly changing the seas and oceans that surround us. Harmful algal blooms, some of which produce poisons can have serious economic consequences for aquaculture and beach tourism. No clear relationship has been found between their occurence and climate change, but some subtropical species such as Ostreopsis are now found in the Mediterranean. Toxins from this species may cause dermatitis in bathers and respiratory problems for tourists on beaches when released in aerosols.

In this chapter: Dr. Cecilia Totti - Universita Politecnica delle Marche - Ancona Italy; Dr. John Pinnegar - CEFAS - Lowestoft UK.

Chapter 8 of the CLAMER documentary 'Living with a warming ocean' a film by Jean-Yves Collet, a production of Océanopolis and COM ON PLANET, presented by the CLAMER project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.
Auteur Jean-Yves Collet (Océanopolis & COM ON PLANET / FP7-CLAMER) MP4 bestand - 30.95 MB - 854 x 480 pixels toegevoegd op 2015-08-27139 views Download de volledige versieDownload de volledige versie Creative Commons License Dit werk is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-Niet-commercieel-Gelijk 4.0 Licentie
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