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National University of Ireland Galway - Carna Research Station (NUIG-CRS)


Based in south-west Connemara, the Carna Research Station (CRS) is the Ryan Institute’s off-campus marine laboratory and specialises in large-scale, exploratory aquatic investigations with a tradition of carrying out applied and basic research on existing and novel species for aquaculture. 

With direct access to an intricate Atlantic coastline of complex ecosystems, the research station also provides practical support for research opportunities.

The research group at CRS has established links with both commercial and academic partners within the aquaculture sector, and aims to bridge the traditional gap between these two spheres by focusing on scientific research with a scale and scope relevant to industry.

CRS offers Transnational Access services for ASSEMBLE Plus, for which NIUG is one of the Irish partners. 


  • Galway Bay
  • Seagrass (Zostera) beds
  • Maerl beds
  • Tidal rapids
  • Sedimentary habitats
  • Rocky habitats

Ecosystems access

  • Coastal research vessels  (On-site service)
    • Galway Bay, use of RIB or charter for coastal sampling
    • ROV and shiptime campaigns possible subject to constraints on use of national research vessels
  • Other ecosystem access (On-site service)​​​​​​​
    • Galway Bay, guidance on sample sites and logistics
    • A limited degree of support for diving (visitors should bring their own kit)
    • Charter for inshore work


Experimental facilities

  • Aquaria and tanks (On-site service)​​​​​​​
    • Seawater supply
    • Tanks with photoperiod and temperature control
    • Fish feed formulation/production unit 
    • Facilities for phytoplankton and other live feeds production


Carna University Road
Co. na Gaillimhe
Co Galway

Liaison officer: Mark Johnson ( ), cc to:

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