Tritonia Scientific Ltd. is a British spin-off based in Oban, Scotland. TSL is a partner in ASSEMBLE Plus and a provider of diving services to accompany any TA applications to SAMS. Any TA application requiring TSL and SAMS support must include applications for both partners. TSL has a scientific divers that can operate on behalf of an applicant, suitably-qualitied applicants can join (see details below). 


  • Rocky sub-titdal
  • Kelp forest
  • Seagrass meadows
  • Soft sediments (mud, sand)
  • Loch Linnhe artificial reef system
  • Biogenic reefs
  • Shipwrecks


Ecosystem access

  • Coastal research vessels (On-site and remote service)
    • Diving support vessel: 6-m RHIB, MCA-coded for 20 miles from nearest port 
  • Submersibles (On-site and remote service)
    • Mini-ROV with up to four video and/or time-lapse cameras
    • Depth-rated to 100-m
  • Scuba diving facilities (On-site and remote service)
    • Scientific diving done by TSL divers.
    • Applicants can dive with the TSL team and use the equipment, as long as they have the appropriate diving qualifications and diving medical. Please contact TSL early in the application process if you wish to request this
  • Sampling equipment (On-site and remote service)
    • Diver hand-operated coring apparatus
    • Standard diver-based sampling equipment
    • Safety equipment and appropriate risk assessments


Biological resources

  • Species collected upon request (On-site and remote service)
    • To be posted to the applicant or to be processed at SAMS (requires a request then for to SAMS services) 
    • Examples of previous sampling are:
      • Long-lived molluscs (e.g. Arctica islandica, Glycymeris glycymeris)
      • Benthic sampling to a depth of 50 metres (including collection of porewater)
      • Live formanifera (e.g. family Elphidiidae, Toxisarcon alba)
      • Macroalgae
      • Mearl
      • Sponges
      • Sea urchins
      • Brachiopods (e.g. Terebratulina sp, Novocrania sp)
      • Associated bottom water


Technology platforms

All of TSLs technology platforms are associated with their diving services, and are available only in that environment.

  • Imaging  (On-site and remote service)
    • Digital SLR underwater cameras
    • 4k underwater video systems
    • Underwater fluorescence photography
    • (Note that the mini-ROV can carry up to four video and/or time-lapse cameras)
    • Advanced hardware and commecially-licenced software for stereophotogrammetrical reconstructions, for use in ecosystem and habitat mapping. TSL provides this hardware and software as a complete and joint package to applicants


TSL also has access to an emergency recompression chamber


Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratories
PA37 1QA
United Kingdom
Liaison officer: Martin Sayer ( )

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