BEWREMABI - Belgian shipwrecks: hotspots for Marine Biodiversity
Belgian shipwrecks: hotspots for Marine Biodiversity
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Brief introduction

The main aim of the project is to document the fauna found on five shipwrecks in the Belgian part of the North Sea (map). While we have a fairly good understanding of the fauna of soft bottoms of our part of the North Sea, the fauna of these artificial hard substrates is largely unknown. Study of these habitats will allow us to understand species distribution patterns, and allow us to predict which species to expect on other artificial hard substrates, such as sokkels of wind mills. It is a two year research project carried out in the framework of the SPSD-II research action of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.

   BEWREMABI is a co-operation between five Belgian institutes:

The results will be available on this web site. The first results of the species that were found during the pilot study (2001-2003) have been published. A preliminary species list is online.

The media gallery gives you an impression of our sampling activities. Are you ready for a plunge?

If you want to be kept in touch with the project, you want more information or you are an experienced scientific diver and you want to take part in one of the sampling campaigns, then you should contact the co-ordinator or one of the project members.

Vessel - Stream
Metridium senile

Pictures © Jérome Mallefet


  • The BEWREMABI project is finalised. Therefore, this website will no longer be adjusted.

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